Reclamation and Reuse

Brine reclamation returns part of the reusable brine to the brine tank, instead of transferring it down the drain during softening. Culligan’s brine reclamation service can be retrofitted to most commercial water softening systems, and provides a more efficient alternative to any other brine reclamation system on the market. Our service does not require an individual system for each softener unit. Culligan’s standard single brine reclaim unit can work with ability to service up to four softener tanks if necessary. 

Brine reclamation can positively impact your bottom line

By reusing the brine produced in a water softener, you reduce the amount of salt that the equipment needs to operate efficiently. For example, most hotels can reclaim at least 25 percent or more of their softener’s brine. The reclamation process can result in a savings of 25 to 40 percent on salt costs alone. Other savings can be realized on sewage costs (reduced discharge to drain), labor to carry and load salt, and overall water usage.

For a typical 120-bed hotel that consumes an average of 10,000 gallons of water daily, brine reclaim generates a measurable ROI. The system can pay for itself in very short amount of time.

How reclamation can enable communities

By strategically linking the distribution and use of locally available water resources with specific water quality and quantity goals, reclaimed water can be used to meet non-potable water needs including irrigation, industry, and sanitation.

Surface and ground water resources can also be replenished with reclaimed water. Pathogens and other waterborne contaminants are discharged, improving the sustainability of water ecosystems. Culligan’s expert engineering and oversight can make brine reclamation/reuse a win-win for your company, and the environment as a whole. Contact Culligan Texas for a free consultation today!

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